Social Responsibility

NaRaYa Social Responsibility

Quality Standards
At the cornerstone of NaRaYa’s success is our concept of social responsibility.

When we first recognized the necessity for standardized, quality products, we looked towards Thai villages for our solution. At first we saw the product improvements possible by utilizing local Thai talent, rather than creating complicated contracts with vendors who did not understand our requirements for the international market.

Soon it became apparent to us that we would also create a world of social improvements by working in our own backyard. We worked with our initial partner families to establish quality control standards, and gave them the ability to make more money than they would through other means.

NaRaYa Social Responsibility

Standards of Living
NaRaYa helps to establish stability in our partner families, allowing them to work as a team to complete their goals. By building a strong economic landscape in rural Thai villages, we alleviate the need for these families to send family members to an already crowded Bangkok to find jobs.

This targeted us for the “Promote Provincial Enterprises” program, a government sponsored program which assists local Thai villages to establish work within their own provinces.

Now NaRaYa works with over 3,000 villagers around Thailand. We supply the training for them to achieve success for themselves, and in turn they supply us with fantastic products.

A significant number of our products are made by these small family producers around Thailand.

NaRaYa Social Responsibility

Future Standards
We strive hard to improve our partner family network, and we are more than happy to continue working with them for them to improve the quality of their lives and the overall economic strength of Thailand.

On top of all this we are proud to work with CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty(

We hope you see our vision for a bright future for NaRaYa and our partner families. Social responsibility is not just the heart of our business, it is one of the central focuses of our lives and how we believe business can be done.